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Rarely is a new type of gemstone discovered that is so extraordinary it takes your breath away. As fate had it, that gemstone made its debut in late 2014 after a long-awaited rest.

Unearthed from a one-time pocket in 1987 by a group of miners in Morogoro, Tanzania, these rare and extraordinary color-change gems were then tucked away in a safe like a time capsule... for over twenty-seven years. In 2014, that safe was opened.

Welcome to the new Pyrope. Color change edition.



In late 2014, a cozy group of cutters, including Todd Wacks (Tucson Todd), purchased a small amount of vivid pink garnet rough, assuming it to be rhodolite. After cutting a piece into a faceted gem, it was time to mount it into jewelry. Todd, who is also a bench jeweler, set this stone using his microscope. After the beauty was set, he went over to steam the finished ring. This is when it happened. That magic moment we all can only dream about.

Todd noticed the new gem change from rich, deep purple, to intense hot pink. Why? Because his microscope featured a daylight-equivalent bulb, while his shop lights were incandescent. This unveiled the secret this incredibly special and rare gem had been hiding all of these years.

This is when the talk began. Actually, it went wild. But sadly, there are not enough stones to go around for everyone. These beauties were found only one time, and never again. When they are gone, they are gone forever. Get yours today and mark this monumental occasion before it's too late.


For limited engagement only, we bring to you the new Color Change Pyrope.





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